See what the others don't see.

Good design is good business.

Everything is design.

Design is thinking made visible.

About me

As a visual artist of applied fine arts, I’ m responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact such as websites, corporate communications and corporate identity, every kind of advertising leaflets, brochures, press and magazines, posters, product packaging, exhibitions and displays.

Result orientation, self motivation, attention to detail, responsibility, flexibility, "out of the box thinking" and trust, are values encapsulated in my executive profile.

Specialties: conception-creation and implementation of ideas. High autonomy, ability to take initiatives, prioritize and organize actions are my main skills.

About Matina Douli


    • The visible elements of a brand (such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol) that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers' mind.

    Brand Identity

    • Being able to incorporate typography into a design for informational purposes and to create interesting visuals are crucial graphic design skills that potential employers are always looking for.


    • The process of design, evaluation, and production of packages.


  • Print

    • Visualization or a depiction, such as a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, or other kind of image of things seen, remembered or imagined, using a graphical representation.


    • Computer graphics, matte painting, digital painting, photo manipulation and more.

    Digital art

    • Editorial Design Served features top work in the magazine and book design


    • High-impact, brand-building campaigns.



  • Midweight Graphic/ Web Designer
    Media 10 Ltd, LONDON UK

    Media 10 Ltd Award Winning Media Group, East London
    As a member of the studio design team, I produce and provide a consistent level of work across a variety of platforms from advertising and corporate literature to exhibition graphics and direct mail, mock ups and design visuals for marketing campaigns and sales literature.
    As well as producing design for print platforms, I provide design and graphics for websites, e-marketing and other digital media

    '15 - PRESENT
  • Midweight UI Designer (External Collaborator)
    Netsteps, LONDON UK

    As a UI designer in netsteps, I am responsible for:

    LOOK AND FEEL: Customer Analysis / Design Research / Branding and Graphic Development / User Guides-Storyline
    RESPONSIVENESS AND INTERACTIVITY: UI Prototyping / Adaptation to All Device Screen Sizes / Implementation with Developer

    '13 - PRESENT
  • Midweight Graphic/Web Designer
    Infoquest, ATHENS GR

    As a web designer in, I am responsible for Concept Building and Design Execution on Online Marketing: Banners for Google AdWords, Mobile Marketing, Facebook Apps, Microsites, Landing Pages, Newsletters and any other Promotional activity.

    Ι also took part in the implementation of the first virtual store in Greece!
    From this virtual store you are able to shop by using your smartphone to scan images of daily care and technology products offering the most favorable prices. With motto, you shop on the way, this innovative store is a window to the future and how it made our purchases over time.

    '14 - '15
    Win Win - Value Based Marketing, ATHENS GR

    As a Creative Director (CD) I oversee the creative team to help develop the agency's creative product for clients. This team includes copywriters and designers. I also work with Account Executives to make sure the client's needs are being met and the creative goals are on track.Moreover, I develop every aspect of an ad campaign based on the client's marketing plan, conceptualize those ideas for clients, assign projects to staff and verify the client's deadlines are being met.

    '13 - '14
  • Midweight Graphic / UI Designer (External collaborator)
    beamSmart, Inc. WASHINGTON DC

    External collaborator with beamSmart, Inc for beamCitizen project.
    beamCitizen LLC. (registered in Delaware) is the division of beamSmart that is dedicated to providing true, next generation Public Safety Communications specifically designed to enhance situational awareness and support Operational Decision-Making to meet mission-critical needs throughout the Public Sector. I was responsible for the mobile application design and several presentations.

    '13 - '14
  • Junior Graphic/Web Designer
    BrandsGalaxy-Antenna Group, ATHENS GR

    I have worked as a Graphic Designer in the largest private shopping club in Greece that gives members the opportunity to buy designer items at discounted prices.My duties included a huge variety of products and activities, such as advertising, magazines, flyers, photo editing, logos, press entries, exhibition banners, online Marketing: Banners for Google AdWords and many others.I also worked as a photographer's assistant.

    '11 - '13
  • Midweight Graphic/ Web Designer (External Collaborator)
    Poqa Services Ltd, LONDON UK

    I have worked as an external collaborator on various projects for Poqa Services such as flyers, brochures, business cards, folders and many others. POQA is an extra virgin olive oil 250ml bottle already distributed by Harrods London, UK, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France, and in other gourmet stores.

    '13 - '14
  • Photo Editor (External collaborator)
    Iconizo Studio, ATHENS GR

    As a photograph retoucher, I edited existing photographs and enhanced the images using various techniques. I mainly worked with digital formats and provided services for a variety of industries that use digital images on a regular basis. Some of the main tasks were to retouch skin textures, adjust colour tones and edit backgrounds. Iconizo is a creative agency, representing some of the most talented artists (from emerging to established ones) in the fields of photography, styling, make up, hair styling and creative direction.

    '11 - '12
    Volunteer Experience Alma Zois, ATHENS GR

    Cooperation with the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer, "Alma Zois" as far as the insiparation and the digital edit of photos is concerned, for public awareness campaign flyers against breast cancer 2010

    '10 - '10
    ConGkl - Konstantinos Georgakopoulos, ATHENS GR

    As a photograph retoucher, I edited existing photographs and enhanced the images using various techniques.I mainly worked with digital formats and provided services for a variety of industries that use digital images on a regular basis. Some of the main tasks were to retouch skin textures, adjust colour tones and edit backgrounds.I also worked as a Personal Stylist - Image Consultant and Make Up Artists for professional photoshootings.

    '09 - '11